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80s Blue Jeans: The B-list

80s Blue Jeans: The B-list

Sadly, we couldn’t all afford Gloria Vanderbilt or Guess jeans in the 80s. Even if we did boast a pair or two or three, we still needed some other jeans to fill out our casual-wear wardrobes.

Enter the second-tier designer jeans. Like B-list (and C-list) actors, these jeans were probably just as good as the A-list varieties, they just didn’t manage to luck into the big time and didn’t command the big bucks. Just because they aren’t the Johnny Depp’s and Angelina Jolie’s of the eighties’ jeans world doesn’t mean these B-list blue jeans aren’t worth our love. You can snap some up on Ebay or scope out your local thrift store for your own pair of 1980s denims. A vintage pair of Sasson or Zena jeans topped with an Izod and a Member’s Only jacket would fer sure put you on the A-list at your next 80s party.

Chic Jeans

For some reason, Chic jeans just didn’t appeal to elementary or high school me. I think they were Mom jeans, before we knew to call them Mom jeans. Maybe the emphasis on women’s different body types baffled and annoyed me, or maybe it was just the fact that my mom did in fact have a pair. I TOTALLY remember this commercial, though:


If Chic jeans were a wee bit uncool, Wrangler jeans were, in my ten-year old eyes, absolutely grody. I’m sure it all boils down to marketing; I was NOT the target audience for Wrangler jeans commercials. However, they seem to be that nondescript medium blue, as opposed to a nice deep navy or a distressed stonewash color, so maybe that’s the problem. We wanted our denim itself to make a statement. This commercial, by the way, totally reminds me of a Juicy Fruit ad:

Sergio Valente

Hmmm, I barely remember these. The longhorn label is familiar, but I don’t think they were a big hit in my neck of the woods. This roller-themed commercial, however, is a total win:

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If the Jordache look was a little out of your price range, you didn’t have to worry. You could still get that dark denim designer look of the 80s on the cheap with Gitano. Anyone else remember this commercial featuring a stressed out stylist that still gives me anxiety to this day?

Along with being a little less expensive, Gitano jeans were also a little funkier; besides dark denim you could also get your Gitanos with colored pockets or pinstripes. I had a pair similar to these, with light pink stripes .

80s pinstripe Gitano jeans

Gitano may have been the low hanging fruit on the designer jean tree, but they fit really great, and Mom couldn’t have been happier about the price.


Nope, don’t recall these at all. But I love the DeLorean and the cool eighties feel of this ad:

I don’t remember 10 jeans, but the models in this commercial crack me up. The woman’s expression during close-up has a certain vacuous quality, while the dude is very earnestly preoccupied with some deep private thoughts in front of that waterfall:


Okay, LAST brand I’ve never heard of, I promise, although there are plenty of others like Joujou and Allessio that you might enjoy revisiting. I had to include Chardon because of the dude. That’s more guy-in-tight-high-waisted jeans than I EVER want to see again. It’s fascinating to me in a moth-drawn-to-the-flames sort of way. I also appreciate the French flair in this commercial. It drives home the point that Chardon jeans = classy:


Remember the “OK” sign for Sasson? I think that’s what doomed them to failure, right there. Who’s going to get excited about wearing jeans that are just okay? I also blame the super-irritating model in this commercial. Oooh-la-la, indeed:

Lee didn’t have quite the panache of Jordache or Guess, but I remember having a couple of pairs and thinking that they were acceptable. I’m guessing that my mom and I compromised on them while back-to-school shopping. I do remember them being very comfy, and I appreciated how my skinny belts would slide under the big leather Lee patch on the back:

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I didn’t own any Zenas, but I remember thinking they were incredibly exotic. My friend Monica’s mom, who had straight black hair down to her waist and drove a red Cougar, wore them, and I’m sure that added to their appeal. If Monica’s mom liked them, then CLEARLY they were glamorous. This commercial, on the other hand, is ridiculous. Swimming and then running on the beach in your dripping wet blue jeans?? Puh-leeze.

Levi’s 501 Blues

These were the “anti-designer” designer jeans. Levi’s were marketed as authentically American, tough-guy blue jeans, not frou-frou fancy pants from Europe. Levi’s weren’t skintight; they were made for riding the range and hanging out with your harmonica-playing pals. Their ads involved gritty urban scenes and bluesy music, the better to show their all-American coolness:

Some of these brands, notably Levi’s and Wrangler, survived and thrived. Most of these jeans makers, however, lost out in the 80s designer jeans battle. They never achieved the panache (and price tags) of Calvin Klein.

История бренда Cars Jeans & Casual

История джинсовой моды и сам образ джинсов связан в нашем представлении с США. Но сегодня джинсы давно завоевали весь мир и уже европейские дизайнеры успешно работают в мире джинсовой моды.

Cars Jeans — это голландский бренд молодежной и детской одежды, популярный среди подрастающего поколения Европы.
Известность пришла к нему в 1982 году, когда не только молодежь из тогдашнего СССР, но и молодые люди Западной Европы видели в джинсах символ новой культуры — культуры молодых, энергичных и дерзких. Джинсовый стиль охотно демонстрировали рок-звезды и актеры кино. Именно они превратили его в элемент роскоши и красивой жизни, такой же, как звездные вечеринки и крутые авто. Весь этот коктейль образов удалось собрать и воплотить в своих коллекциях бренду Cars Jeans. Они не побоялись фиаско и представили уличную моду на подиумах Нидерландов, что принесло им просто взрывную популярность у молодежи Европы.

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Эпоха 80-х ушла в прошлое, но любовь к джинсовой одежде вошла уже в плоть и кровь всего мира. А Cars Jeans и спустя тридцать с лишним лет со дня своего выхода в мир большой моды остается верен своим принципам — быть первым, креативным, дерзким, желанным. «Карс Джинс» по-прежнему находится в авангарде джинсовой моды и задает ее стиль.

В свое название бренд недаром включил не только упоминание джинсов, но и автомобиля, подчеркивая, что их бренд столь же стремительный и комфортный. Оправдывая эту отсылку к скорости и мощи, Cars Jeans успевает выпустить и представить шесть коллекций в год. Адресует свои коллекции бренд таким же стремительным и энергичным возрастам — молодым людям от шестнадцати до тридцати пяти лет. Это можно проследить в оригинальности и жизнерадостности внешнего вида изделий, впрочем, отлично сочетающихся с практичностью и комфортом.

Поклонники бренда смогут найти в выпускаемых коллекциях одежду на все случаи жизни и погодные условия. Особенно молодежью любим зимняя одежда от Cars Jeans за новизну образов, создаваемых дизайнерами. Большая часть продукции (65%) адресована мужчинам, чуть больше трети — женщинам. Не менее чем одежда для взрослых, популярны линии бренда, адресованные детям. Здесь разделение коллекций идет по возрастам. Для деток от рождения до шести лет выпускается Little CARS, для детей от шести до десяти лет — Kids.

Для своих взрослых поклонников бренд разрабатывает модели в популярном сегодня стиле кэжуал. Для него характерно отсутствие сложных деталей и разнообразие моделей, которые легко сочетаются в неожиданные по цвету и визуальному эффекту комплекты на индивидуальный вкус каждого покупателя. Чтобы это стало возможным, дизайнеры тщательно разрабатывают цветовую гамму коллекций.

Особенно высоко это ценят энергичные и практичные девушки, которым адресована женская линия бренда. Каждой женщине хочется быть всегда в тренде моды, но при этом нет желания расставаться с полюбившимися вещичками своего гардероба. Да и обновлять его полностью каждый сезон вряд ли смогут даже самые ярые модницы. Учитывая это, дизайнеры Cars Jeans разрабатывают свои коллекции так, что позволяют при желании хозяйки легко влить новую вещь в уже имеющиеся комплекты. Благодаря такой большой вариативности возможных комбинаций и оригинальным дизайнерским решениям женская линия бренда позволит любой девушке создать собственный стильный образ.

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Линия для мужчин учитывает, что для большинства из них на первом месте стоит практичность и комфорт, универсальность одежды. Поэтому любой представитель мужского пола оценит идеальное сочетание цены и качества в предлагаемой продукции бренда. Это позволяет обеспечить распространенная среди западных компаний рабочая схема — объединять европейский дизайн и производителей из Азии. В варианте Cars Jeans это значит, что разрабатывают модели дизайнеры из Голландии, а шьют мастера из Турции и Китая.

List of Name Brand Blue Jeans Worn in the 80s

Ralph Lauren Jeans - Popular Jeans of the 80s

Wearing denim jeans will never go out of style, new name brand jeans will come in style every year. The blue jeans worn in the 1980s are very memorable; most of the jeans that were worn in the 80s were named by famous fashion designers, just like they are today.

Blue jeans make people feel casual, stylish, fendy, trendy and sexy. Wearing blue jeans can make any type of shoes look great, such as pumps, sneakers, flats, etc. Also jeans are the standard attire to wear and will never go out of style, while other types of pants may go out of style. Pants such as corduroy will go out of style more than blue jean ever will.

Jeans come in many different types: stone washed, black, blue, white, red, skinny, baggy, etc. In the early 80s when many people were just beginning to attend middle school, they remember that everyone was wearing a name brand jean called Wranglers. Teenagers then wore their wranglers fitted, and some wore then baggy. Wrangler jeans were the ones that were made of good quality, they lasts longer than many other jeans that were made back then.

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Once the skinny jeans were in style in the early 80s, all colors of leg-warmers were worn with the jeans. And in the late 80s Levi jeans were wore in many colors and in corduroy. Back in the day people wore Bomber-jackets with fur around the hood of their jackets, along with their Levi jeans. The Levi Strauss jeans came in colors of: black, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, red, brown; and others colors. These jean styles were popular with men and women also.

Guess Jeans - Popular Jeans of the 80s

Guess Jeans — Popular Jeans of the 80s

FUBU Jeans - Popular Jeans of the 80s

FUBU Jeans — Popular Jeans of the 80s

Karl Kani Jeans - Fads from the 80s

Karl Kani Jeans — Fads from the 80s

Wrangler Jeans - Popular Jeans in the 80s

Wrangler Jeans — Popular Jeans in the 80s

Popular Jeans in the 80s

  • Lee
  • DKNY
  • Fubu
  • Ecko
  • Gucci
  • Dickies
  • Guess
  • Sassoon
  • Jordache
  • Wrangler
  • Calvin Klein
  • Levi Strauss
  • Karl Kani
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Sergio Valente
  • Gloria Vanderbilt

Many of the Hip Hop Artist in the 80s rapped about the name brand attire that people wore during that decade. The rappers and other hip hop performers still sing about the name brand clothes today, they might rap about wearing Sean John Jeans, Gucci Jeans, or Luise Vuitton Jeans, etc.

Some people today remember a few things about the 1980s; the hairstyles in the 80s, the shoes worn in the 80s, the fashion accessories worn in the 80s, etc. You may also remember the Gucci purses, Gucci shoes, Gucci belts, Gucci Hats, and other Gucci items of the 80s. Also Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger were huge name brands in the 1980s as well and still of course today. Even the gold jewelry that was worn in the 80s was trendy, this decade was an exciting and memorable time in history.

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